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Sunday, October 14, 2018

An Introduction to eBay

An Introduction to eBayThe majority of people in the world today have used eBay to either buy or sell goods. The fact of the matter is that since eBay became known world wide it has drawn in millions of satisfied buyers and sellers. And working to eBays advantage is the fact that there is not too much competition in this industry. When it comes down to it eBay is an online site that brings buyers and sellers together so that they can buy and sell goods on a world wide level. This concept has changed the way that people from all over do business.
If eBay sounds interesting to you there are some things that you need to be aware of before you get started. In order to get a good feel as to what eBay is all about you should search the site. And do more than just look it over a bit. There are many links that you can check out in order to get an idea of what is going on. These links will give you information on what you can and cannot do on the site, as well as how to get started. By doing this research you will be able to get started and ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

In addition to learning all of the rules that go along with doing business on eBay, you will also want to become very familiar with the fee structure that they use. This is important to know because eBay has undergone great scrutiny in recent years due to all of the pricing changes they have made. You will want to know how much money eBay is going to take from you as a seller, as well as what you can do in order to ensure that you still make a reasonable profit.

As a buyer on eBay you have less to worry about than if you are a seller. If you are going to be buying items all you need to worry about is finding what you want, and then arranging for shipping and payment. This will allow you to complete any transaction that you wish without having to go through any hoops to do so.

On the other hand if you are going to sell items on eBay there are a few more details to soak up before you get started. One of the most important details is knowing how to list items on the site. This means that you will have to learn how to write good descriptions and take good pictures. In addition, setting your prices is also a very important aspect of selling on eBay. Every price that you set is subject to a listing fee, and you will also have to pay a final value fee when you make a sale. Even though it may seem like selling on eBay is a long process, you should not be worried. The eBay system is easy to use, and you will pick up on it in no time.

Overall, eBay is a great place to either buy or sell a variety of items. eBay has revolutionized the world by brining together buyers and sellers from all over the world. If you have never used eBay in the past you may want to look into the advantages of doing so.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Americana Home Decor Displaying Patriotism

Americana Home Decor  Displaying PatriotismThe Americana home decor style is sometimes mistakenly taken for country decor. In reality both have their own distinct features and differ from each other, though some of the same techniques can be common between the two styles. Americana home decor is all about the American spirit that is proudly displayed in accessories, curtains, art, or anything else that can be designed in red, white, and blue to awaken your patriotic senses. Americana home decor widely uses items that are hand made, either as originals or reproductions; such style truly meant to rekindle the feeling and memories of days gone by.

Red, white, and blue objects are the core of your Americana home decor. They can come in any forms birdhouses, statues of Uncle Sam, wagons, stars, and hand made quilts. You can add touches in one place of the room, or put together a complete collection. A vignette is an excellent place to start. Usually done on a mantle or fireplace, an Americana vignette is when you place five to ten different Americana items together. Using a runner of red, white, and blue, you can add candle sticks, a mirror, a flag, apples, and possibly a birdhouse all done in the American colors to add a special look to your fireplace.

Since there are two types of Americana symbols, traditional and primitive, there are other symbols for your Americana home decor besides the American flag. Examples include the baseball game, the apple pie, and anything that conjures up images of the early 1900s. Primitive colors include deep burgundies, dark greens, navy blues, and many different patterns that include the popular checkered patterns.

Americana folk art is reminiscent of the early 1900s when life was easy. It can depict a family sitting around a large table, flags, roosters, trees, and sheep, anything simple and original to the surroundings. Navy blues, reds, and browns are the most common colors along with checkered pieces to add a splash of color as are barns in a vibrant red.

Rustic tins filled with wildflowers can give your home an early Americana home decor look. Alternatively, you can use jars for your Americana home decor. You dont even have to fill the jar. Just group a couple of original canisters and glass jars together to achieve a great look.

It is not a daunting task to achieve the look of Americana home decor. From Americana stars to God Bless America banners, you have multiple options to utilize, and here a lot depends on your imagination and wish to achieve the desired style.

Amazing Tips for Italian Kitchen Design and Decor

Amazing Tips for Italian Kitchen Design and DecorSolace and style are the primary attributes of an Italian Kitchen. When you don't have a bigger kitchen space Italian kitchens are the ideal decision. This cutting edge kitchen configuration encourages you to defeat the deficiencies of your conventional kitchen. Italian Kitchen stylistic theme is the best kitchen style which will make your family invest most extreme energy in your kitchen.

The Italian kitchen is of two sorts. One is the antiquated styled one and the other is the cutting edge styled one. On the off chance that you need to make your home look more in vogue and canny then it is perfect to choose the cutting edge Italian kitchen stylistic theme. Tuscan style Italian Kitchen stylistic layout is the best with regards to Italian Kitchen Design. It essentially utilizes normal materials like stone, slate, earthenware and rock and demonstrates the glow of the natural tones.

The benefits of Italian Kitchen Design and Dcor can be recorded as takes after:

The one of a kind component of an Italian kitchen is that it is agreeable, classy and futuristic.
An Italian kitchen keeps your kitchen sorted out and empowers simple openness of things.
Some of these kitchen outlines are open-styled while there are a couple of plans which furnish finish shrouded space with recessed entryways making the space widespread.
The materials included are gritty stones and woods and are wonderfully mixed with stainless steel.
The most critical part of Italian Kitchen is that they are effortlessly adjustable. It likewise upgrades the tasteful look of your kitchen space flawlessly.
Sudhir Pawar and Associates are specialists in Italian inside Design. They have a group of master inside architect in Pune who propose the accompanying tips while choosing Italian Kitchen Design and Dcor.
1. Color Scheme: You ought to decide on common tones and natural hues like sand, ready pears, gold and the blue tones which are sea based.
2. Lighting: If you need to advance a more current look to your Italian kitchen, it is perfect to introduce lighting installations which have a matte and quieted metal wrap up. Stay away from lights which have a gleaming look. A metal ceiling fixture can likewise make it look more great.
3. Natural Touch: "The more green more Italian" this is totally synonymous with an Italian Kitchen. It is perfect to put many pots with herbs on your kitchen ledge. A show of a bowl of crisp plants will likewise enable you to bring a touch of nature into your kitchen.
4. Furniture: To upgrade the general look of your Italian kitchen put a vintage wooden table. You can likewise put a little couch behind your feasting table to include comfort.
5. Hardware: You can add thick metal equipment to the cupboards and can likewise intersperse the dividers with fashioned iron to make it look more Italian in style.
6. Wall: Italian kitchen have a straight range divider wherein the whole kitchen is continued one side of the room making more space for the feasting territory. You can likewise include glass dividers which give division without taking endlessly the vibe of the open space. White dividers and white decorations help to keep the kitchen clean. A recessed kitchen divider makes more noteworthy usage of a little space. You can incorporate into this one divider design the arrangement counter, wine racks, glass stockpiling, cupboards and machines in a more sorted out and perfect manne
7. Kitchen Fixture: You can make an exceptionally sorted out and practical Italian kitchen utilizing the ideal kitchen apparatuses. These incorporate
You can pick stainless steel kitchen counters which are smart and simple to clean and keep up.
To include more stockpiling and simple access to apparatuses and dishes pick stainless steel overhead racks.
8. Kitchen cupboards: Choose direct present day kitchen cabinetry which arrives at an end at one corner, however the recessed divider encourages the idea to proceed wherein you can splendidly modify a work area to flawlessly fit inside. If there should be an occurrence of a loft kitchen you can introduce worked in divider cupboards which is space sparing. By having worked in cupboards you can make all the more seating region. Eppitomegroop are the top Interior designers in Pune providing total Interior designers in Pune for residential and corporate Sector. Virtual Designs Available here.

9. Recessed entryways: Recessed entryways are the best choice as they make the kitchen completely practical by making the space accessible for getting ready, cooking and feasting. They additionally help to keep the kitchen mess free and making a more straightforward and clean space. You can likewise put a cooler behind the recessed entryways.
10.Optimum Kitchen Space: You can make the kitchen space multi-practical by associating the feasting table to the middle island. You can likewise go in for duel kitchen islands and introduce recessed teak wood cupboards wherein the apparatuses are worked in also. This likewise helps simplicity of openness.
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Eppitomegroop are one of the Best Interior Designer in Pune. They offer Home Interior Design, hotel/restaurant Interior design, office Interior design in affordable rates.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Aluminium Furniture Why I'll Never Buy Iron Again!

Aluminium Furniture Why I'll Never Buy Iron Again!Outdoor furniture is the ideal place to relax especially on weekends and holidays. Many people want stylish outdoor furniture as an escape from the cares of life. And there is complete joy and fun in sitting at an outdoor lounge or table with umbrellas for shade.

You can buy patio furniture or outdoor furniture made from plastic, wood, wicker or aluminum or iron furniture. One should consider the factors such as the sturdy nature, the ability to withstand the effects of weather, the design options, and the fading characteristic of the material used to make the outdoor furniture before buying. Apparently, iron furniture has more problems than aluminium furniture.

The Problem with Iron Furniture

Iron outdoor furniture shows more wear. The moment the weather attacks the furniture made from iron, your furniture will start to fade in color.

The stress corrosion cracking in iron furniture: There are areas in iron metal furniture which receive stress during metal working. When the stressed areas become exposed to a corrosive environment, your furniture will look rusty and unattractive.

Rust: The rusting of iron is the most common form of chemical corrosion of that can affect wrought iron. Rusting in iron furniture may occur when your unprotected iron metal is exposed the oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere. Moisture can be in the form of rain, humidity, dew, or condensation. Even carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds, airborne salts, can intensify the corrosion of your outdoor iron furniture.

Why I Prefer Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

Abundant styles to choose from: Aluminium outdoor furniture can be shaped, molded, and colored into just about any design, making it a good choice for those who want something classic and good-looking fair weather or bad weather. Trendy aluminium designs will include patio living space furniture, patio dining chairs, outdoor bar stools, and patio dining tables.

Cast aluminum furniture never rusts: The Aluminium metal is the longest-lasting will stay new-looking for ages. If you really want your patio or garden furniture to last forever and have some resale value, pay for quality aluminium outdoor furniture. Outdoor aluminium furniture is ideal for areas with high moisture level, the coastal cities, or regions with high humidity.

Aluminium is exceptionally durable: Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is solid, exceptionally sturdy, and designed to endure the weather. Aluminum may last up to 50 years of constant use.

Low maintenance costs: Maintaining your aluminium is easy as you can rinse off dirt and stubborn stains with a garden hose, a little warm water, and soap. There are no other upkeep costs for the aluminium furniture.

Affordable, sturdy and stable: Cast aluminum furniture is cheap and will never bend or break.

Available in almost any color: If you can ask for aluminium outdoor furniture made using powder coating technology, you will enjoy endless color choices. Cast aluminum furniture is also available with textured finishes for those who prefer a more aged look and feel.

Works with or without cushions: Aluminum outdoor furniture collections may be used without cushions. You will only add a cushion on the aluminum furniture when you need to improve the comfort or flair.

Its light than most furniture. Aluminium outdoor furniture is light enough to be easily moved and lifted.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Made Furniture

Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Made FurnitureAppropriately designed furniture can bring the requisite amount of style as well as functionality to any space, making it a habitable one. This is probably the reason why furniture has been accorded so much importance in Interior design and decoration. A variety of bold and exquisite designs of simple as well as luxury furniture articles for installation in commercial as well as residential spaces are being showcased by reputed furniture manufacturers to give potential clients extensive choices. For those who are looking for something exclusive and on a particular scale, there is always the option of custom made furniture.

Buying custom made furniture comes with its own fair share of pros and cons. Let us simply it for you by breaking them down into separate segments.


Custom made furniture is usually preferred for its ability to adapt to the specific requirements of the client in terms of size, dimension and design. Clients have the option of choosing every single element including the materials used in the construction, type of fabric, colours and even the type of stitching. Even functional aspects like the number of doors, drawers, fittings, etc. can be determined to suit the client.
The biggest advantage of custom made furniture though has to do with the exclusivity that it provides to the space it has been installed in. The look and feel of bespoke furniture reflects the individual style sensibilities of the owner and gives their space a personal touch.
The costs involved in the purchase of custom made furniture are also flexible depending on individual buyers. Leading furniture manufacturers are accustomed to designing specialised furniture for clients well within their budget yet bring the perfect levels of functionality and style sought.
With custom made furniture, one can also be assured of getting full value for the money that has been invested in it. There is a greater focus on quality in a one-off piece of furniture and makers put in greater effort in its making, showcasing superior craftsmanship.
Custom made furniture also allows people to recreate designer and high furniture on a lower price scale. Also for people who cannot find the exact style of furniture that they would like to purchase in readymade options, they can have a furniture manufacturer build them furniture articles to their exact specifications.


Given the considerable financial investment involved in custom made furniture, it is not easy for owners to change them as often as they like. Unlike premade furniture which can easily be discarded in order to change the look of the house, if you own custom made furniture, youll find yourself stuck with the same look for a long time.
The process of manufacture of custom made furniture is extremely time consuming, so for those looking to set up their offices or homes in a hurry, buying custom made furniture may sound as an unattractive option and they are more inclined to buy premade furniture.
Custom made furniture can sometimes end up being quite costly if the buyers do not pay adequate attention during the manufacturing stage. In the search for exclusive and unique materials, customers may end up incurring high costs.
Sometimes with custom made furniture, the finished product may not be adequately matched to the requirements of the client. Mostly because there is no original product to base the furniture on, the clients end up making do with the piece that the maker has delivered to them.
For buyers exploring the option of custom made bespoke furniture for their personal space, these abovementioned points can help make them crucial decisions. Whatever you choose, make sure that the furniture you invest in brings you a balanced semblance of functionality as well as aesthetic appeal along with standards of quality to get full value for your money.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Acquire Affordable Architectural Services Email List to Make your Business Smart and Profitable

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We offer pre-packaged as well as customized architectural services mailing list that aligns well with your industry particular business objectives. If you want your direct marketing strategy to drive more business sales, then our architects email addresses are your best solutions. Our dedicated team of data management frequently updates the database with the most recent list of architects in USA of potential leads.

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About Growing Tomatoes

About Growing TomatoesThe temperatures heated up, the tomatoes started performing. Tomato plants dont mind hot weather and will keep their composure even when more heat sensitive vegetables wilt pitifully, but they will not set fruit if the temperatures are above 85 to 90 degrees during the day or 75 at night. Considering the climate we live in, thats most of the summer. It also explains why the extra leafy vines suddenly decide to become fruitful mid-September, when their fruit doesnt really have enough time left to ripen.

The reason for this is that at higher temperatures the pollen becomes non-viable, or too dry to stick to the pistil.

How to remedy the situation? Unless you are growing tomatoes in a temperature controlled greenhouse there is not much you can do about it, other than root for accommodating weather.

Here are a few varieties that perform better than average in hot weather, but if temperatures are consistently above ninety degrees they will not set fruit either: SuperSweet100, grape tomatoes, Florida 91, Sunmaster, Heat Wave, Sunbeam, well, you get the idea, if heat or sun is part of the name, theyre it.

Temperatures behaved themselves so far, and therefore there are tiny green tomatoes to show. Naturally I mislabeled the varieties, and planted Brandywine, which needs more room, in the tighter spot. It hasnt bloomed yet, but developed spectacular foliage.

If the soil is too rich or has too much nitrogen the plants will grow leafy to the detriment of setting fruit. Tomatoes like soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7 and need about three gallons of water per plant per week to be at their best, but avoid overdoing it during the harvest season to prevent the fruit from becoming watery.

If you have the room, tomatoes will be quite happy to sprawl on the ground, but they yield more trained on vertical supports. Pruning will encourage larger fruit, though not necessarily more of it. Remove all the suckers (the small shoots that develop at the nodes between the stem and a main branch. Keep the number of main branches around four. When the tomato reaches the desired height, pinch the top to stop it from growing, otherwise the indeterminate varieties will grow indefinitely. The determinate varieties hardly require pruning.

Grow marigolds around tomato plants to keep pest insects at bay and basil to improve the flavor of their fruit.

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Main Areas: Garden Writing; Sustainable Gardening; Homegrown Harvest
Published Books: Terra Two; Generations; "The Plant - A Steampunk Story"; "Letters to Lelia"; "Fair"; "Door Number Eight"; "A Year and A Day"; "Mbius' Code"
Career Focus: Author; Consummate Gardener;
Affiliation: All Year Garden; The Weekly Gardener; Francis Rosenfeld's Blog

I started blogging in 2010, to share the joy of growing all things green and the beauty of the garden through the seasons. Two garden blogs were born: and, a periodical that followed it one year later. I wanted to assemble an informal compendium of the things I learned from my grandfather, wonderful books, educational websites, and my own experience, in the hope that other people might use it in their own gardening practice.

Monday, October 8, 2018

A Quick Guide to Garage Shelving and Cabinets

A Quick Guide to Garage Shelving and CabinetsWhen you're at the department store, you're bound to see endless rows and stacks of storage products of all shapes and sizes. We've all thought in one way or another, "If I can get one of those, maybe I can get my life more organised." While having a storage box or two can certainly help in making your home tidier, it's not as simple as getting the shiniest plastic box at the discount store.

One quick trip to a big-box store and you will see that storage tools come in many forms. Not all storage tools are designed the same. Storage comes in a near-infinite variety of sizes, shapes, colours and materials. If you're thinking of getting some storage for your home, you have to know what you're delving into first.

The garage

In this day and age, very few people use their garages for its intended purpose. Many people have turned their garage into an overflow storage room, full of garage shelving and racking. For people who want to organise their homes, starting from the garage seems like the logical step. Garages are often the most difficult to optimise, and once they have done so, the rest of the home will follow.

The first step is usually to compile an inventory of the items in the garage. Divide the items into three groups: frequently-used items, items that require easy access, and items for long-term storage. Anything else that doesn't fall under the three has to be discarded or given away. For instance, the bicycle falls under the first group, while gardening tools fall under the second. The reasoning is that bicycles are used often while gardening tools don't have to be readily accessible. Old clothing, mementoes and holiday decorations fall under long-term storage. Once you have completed your garage inventory, you can begin planning your garage storage system.


Garage cabinets are ideal for storing small objects that you need immediate access to such as cleaning supplies, power tools and other hardware.

This type of storage is also ideal if you have a lot of objects that are considered clutter. Normally, you want to keep them in safe storage so that you'd have easy access to them while keeping them out of sight. The secure nature of cabinets also makes them excellent for storing light, dust and heat-sensitive items such as chemicals. If you want to maximise your storage, partner a good cabinet with some garage shelving.

Cabinets are made of a diverse sort of materials. They range from cheap and dependable plywood, particle board and plastic to the relatively pricier and more durable metal. The most affordable cabinets are often made of particle board. However, not all particle boards are made the same. Look for cabinets made of industrial particle board instead of standard particle boards.

Particle boards, while cheap, are susceptible to moisture. If you want a cabinet that is resistant to moisture, look for plastic cabinets or laminated cabinets. Laminated cabinets are made of particle board or plywood coated with a laminate or plastic layer. This protective layer makes for a water-resistant and more durable version of a particle board cabinet.


Garage shelving is designed to store longer and bigger items such as electronics, gardening tools, boxes and other hardware. They can be either closed or open, allowing for greater versatility in planning.

Wall-mounted shelves are often paired with cabinets. While cabinets are more expensive than shelves, this storage format allows for greater flexibility in space options. Most wall shelves are open, which means you may need to use containers and the like if you need to store large objects that have to be protected from dust and moisture.

Garage shelving offers more space than cabinets and are more cost-efficient. They are made of stronger materials such as steel and aluminium since they are designed to handle heavy objects.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Little History On Clocks

A Little History On ClocksWe always ask ourselves or someone who is near us, "What time is it." We use clocks in our daily lives to know when to get up to start our day, appointments, activities, when to go home from a hard day at work. Living without a means to know what time it is would be an impossible task. Lets see how clocks came into existence.

If you wondering where the word Clock comes from: The Latin word Clocca which means bell. Time telling devices started around 3500 BC with the sundial. In early days they were using the sun to tell time, was not even close to being accurate. They would use the sun's position on the horizon to speak of the time of day. In time, they came up with phrases like sunrise when the sun was on the east, midday when the sun was straight overhead and sunset when the sun was setting in the west. Anything, in between they are at a lose as to the time of day.

Water clocks came into the picture about 1400 BC. It was soon discovered that Water Clocks were better than the sundial but still did not keep good time. About 1577 the minute hand was added. Until the pendulum clock was developed in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens, and then by 1700 when a second hand was added to the pendulum clock did the clock become more accurate. The pendulum clock was accurate within a minute versus the earlier spring drivin clocks only being accurate within 15 minutes. For the times that was good but to be within a minute they are moving forward.

Due to the difficulty in keeping these clocks going, about 1840 an external battery was added. It was actually the British Parliament offered a reward for the individual whom would be able to solve the problem of the lack of accuracy in the pendulum clocks. There were many theories buy John Harrison won the prize. Many advances were being made towards mass production. Clocks soon became a common place due to prices coming down. My great-grandmother gave my great-grandfather a pocket watch for a wedding present. That pocket watch was made of solid gold with a beautiful design.

In the late 1800's, people were meeting from around the world to start inventing the time zones. Having time zones you would be able to use international clocks and other kinds of time keeping would be perfected to work with international time. Now countries could develop bus and train schedules so that people to get from one end of the country to the other. Thus, there would be no confusion on what time it was it what state or country. "Greenwich Mean Time" is still used, particularly with the military to denote the place where time starts.

The battery being inserted inside the clock was about 1906. It seems hard to believe that there was a time when there was no other way to tell time except by the position of the sun.
Before WWI wrist watches were only worn by women, men didn't start wearing wrist watches until during and after WWI. They have said that soldiers found wrist watches easier to wear than carrying a pocket watch.

We have come so far with technology and design from the pendulum clock to quartz clocks to analog clocks. We will only gain more knowledge as time passes.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Here Hook To Resolve Clutter

A Here Hook To Resolve ClutterDo you find you are always telling your kids pick up your room? I know that when my girls were younger, this seemed to be something that was repeated almost on a daily basis. They would come home from school and as soon as they walked into their bedroom, there it all would fall.

Backpacks, books, phones (well maybe not the phone, this item would practically be stuck in their palms) and shoes everywhere. I would stand in the doorway and sigh. My imagination in those years was not all that focused.

Decorating was not high on my priority list. But I wish I would have included it in our lives; maybe it would have been therapeutic for all of us to come up with fun ideas to help with the clutter.

I came across this nifty coat hook and I thought, wouldnt that be so cool in a teenagers room? An arrow that seemed to be calling, here, hang that here! and the colors to paint this could fit any room. We all have our favorite colors and they seem to speak to our emotions.

Not only would this be a creative way to help with the chaos, it would definitely be a conversation piece when visitors came over.

My grandsons have posters in their rooms and when you walk in, you get a pretty good picture of their personality. I was thinking that perhaps a special poster behind this arrow could look really trendy.

What about a hand painted picture on the wall that compliments who they are. Like a tree with pink and yellow leaves or a guitar painted on a whole wall or even their name written like graffiti and this arrow pointing to who lives in this room.

This here hook is my obsession today, maybe I really want spring to hurry up and get here. Spring seems to be the season to clean things up, organize, paint, oh yes, and mow the lawn! What would this be called, oh yeah, spring fever. :)

Ok, one last thought for the day, imagine this coat hook right next to your back door and you could hang the dog leash on it after a walk around the neighborhood or even put up a sign that says back door.

Life is too short to be ordinary and I hope I have inspired your creativity, maybe this weekend you will paint that room that you have been putting off all winter long.

Friday, October 5, 2018

A Guide To Choosing The Best Floor Lamp For Your Home

A Guide To Choosing The Best Floor Lamp For Your HomeThe right or wrong kind of lighting in your homes can either make or break the whole decor of the place. Therefore, it is important that a lot of attention be paid to lighting as well as light fittings. Proper lighting can increase the aesthetics of a room. In a perfect world, we would be able to change the lights in our houses with every change in the decor of our homes or with every addition of a piece of furniture or art to our rooms. However, changing permanent light fixtures is not only costly; it is also time consuming. A better method of varying the decor of your place with the help of lighting is to use lamps.

An extremely large variety of lamps are available in the market today, catering to all kinds of pockets and decor styles. You can choose a number of lamps ranging from floor to table to hanging lamps for your home depending upon your needs. Out of these, floor lamps are one of the most versatile and stylish looking lamps.

Floor lamps are generally used in room corners, entrance ways and in dining and living rooms. Floor lamps, apart from functioning as a source of illumination, also tend to add to the decor of a room, even when they are not in use, like in the day time. Therefore, it is important that you choose your floor lamp while keeping some basic points in mind. A number of tips given below will help you choose floor lamps that are most suitable for your home.

- First of all, make sure that whatever lamp you buy, it goes with the style and ambience of your room. Buying a Victorian looking floor lamp for a house with a modern decor theme is a complete no no, even if you are getting the lamp at a ninety percent off sale. So take your time and choose a lamp that will enhance, rather than clash with the decor of your house.

- Floor lamps can last a life time if used properly. So if you find a good looking lamp, make sure that it is of a good quality and is durable. Check how sturdy or heavy it is and if the finishing and painting are smooth or not. A floor lamp should be heavy enough not to fall to the ground with the slightest nudge or shove.

- Most floor lamps come as a combination of a separate lamp base and lamp shade. Choose your lamp shade very carefully, and if possible, try to look at it in daylight before buying it to see how good or bad it looks. Your floor lamp will act like any other show piece in your room during day time, so it is imperative that it looks good in daylight also while it is not in use. Needless to say, choose a lamp shade that complements the colors of your room.

- Another important thing that will determine how good or bad your lamp looks is the kind of bulb you use in your floor lamp. While the brightness or dimness of the bulb should be based on the amount of area that you want your floor lamp to light and the purpose for which you need the light, it is important to note that the bulb should be dim enough for the lamp not to look garish or too bright for the eyes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

16 Main Points When Designing Modular Kitchen Cabinets

16 Main Points When Designing Modular Kitchen CabinetsModular kitchen cabinets design details main points

1. You must have detailed communication with the customer, understand the customer's detailed requirements for the kitchen equipment, list the kitchen cabinets door materials and electrical accessories. Configuration: as far as possible keep it consistent with the exhibition models such as countertop, kitchen cabinets door, kitchen carcase board, handle etc..

2. Pay special attention to the circulation process of kitchen, considering the rationality of preparation, cleaning, chopping, cooking, and placing (such as dishwashers try to be put near the sink).

3. In accordance with the triangle principle of kitchen cabinet design, namely 3300mm the size of refrigerator + sink + stove 6600mm is the most convenient design. Pay attention to the color collocation, when designing, as far as possible take the wall and ground materials color into account.

4.the design drawing should include the effect graph, the vertical plane, the plane frame and the countertop layout, and the information quantity of the graph should fully meet the needs of the customers, factory manufacturer and installation requirements.

5.The chimney cooking fume exhauster with particular attention that the exhaust pipe shall be go through the ceiling, power position lies in the fume hood central (height of about 2.1m), no laminates in the neck of the cooking fume exhauster in principle.

6.the gas switch, power supply and standby power outlet shall be marked on the vertical view, oven and gas furnace must be avoided. For the cabinet with basket, the height of switch controled in 700mm, standby power supply socket height uniform provisions for 1100mm.

7. The inner diameter of embedded ovens and disinfection cabinets is in a mess, some of the buckle offside, some screw head offside, the width of the cabinet design should pay more attention to and avoid making mistakes.

8.packs of pipe materials preferred for ceramic tiles, followed by artificial stone material or kitchen carcase material.

9. Don't try to design universal shelf in the corner, really need to design at the corner, blind plate width should be greater than or equal to 50mm wall cabinet depth better no more than 450mm, for special situation, customized kitchen cabinets allowed.

11.Payattention not to design too narrow door, so as not to put on the handle or the pull basket. Door width within 29 mm~31mm can not install the cross handle, as much as possible to avoid.

12. the size of the design drawings should be clear, accurate, reasonable and complete. The size of each cabinet is not equal to the total size of the chart marked, can be adjusted (corner cabinet can be used 80mm blind plate and 540mm wide cabinet panel at the scene to adjust with rectification).

13. pay attention not to design too narrow door, so as not to put on the handle or pull the basket. Door width in the 29mm~31mm can not cross the handle, as far as possible to avoid.

14. the size of the design drawings should be clear, accurate, reasonable and complete. The size of each box is not equal to the total size of the chart on the total size, can be adjusted (corner cabinet can be used 80mm blind plate and 540mm wide box panel as the scene to adjust the rectification).

15. with the pneumatic rod of the door height shall not be less than 300mm, otherwise the door panel can not be closed.

16. the sink cabinet dont's need to equipped with shelf, each will with 100 x 760 cabinet pieces for rectification cabinet adjustment. The direction of the water tank shall be marked on the elevation.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

10 Weekend Outings with Family or Friends.

10 Weekend Outings with Family or Friends.After a 5-day, long week work whether it may be an office or a business or anything you work for a living, who does not love an outing on a weekend. I personally like to plan any 1 weekend in a month to go for outing with family or friends. Lets see what are the 10-weekend outings choices we can have:

1. A beautiful Picnic:

Who does not love a simple picnic with family or friends? Everyone from children to adults love a lovely picnic. It may be in a park, an estate garden, on a hillside, lakeside on a beach etc in spring or summer season. This outing only demands that climate should be nice and lovely with a scenic surrounding. Enjoying in the company of nature is refreshing.

A picnic is usually a one-day outing from morning to evening. It is for morning birds those who do not like to spend a night outside. If you want to spend simply one day in your weekend, just grab a blanket, a snack basket, some outdoor playing toys and go out for a lovely and warmth picnic with your near and dear.

2. Star Gazing and Campfire:

One of the many gifts that nature gave to human beings is a sky filled with twinkle stars. How lovely and lucky to observe the vast sky filled with stars on a clear summer night. This outing is for night owls who want to enjoy the silence and solitude nature offers at night. Why not use this opportunity and get away from the light pollution of big bright noisy cities and towns for once.

Plan a night out on a countryside or any place from which you can see as many stars in the sky. Start the preparations, required gear for camping, campfire, barbecue etc. Plan to reach your stargazing site by the evening before sunset and make the camp. Enjoy your outing by the smell of sizzling barbecue, in the warmth of campfire with ghost stories or camping songs and finally still star gazing and wondering what message, the universe is delivering to you. If you have a telescope then it is fine but if you do not have one, no problem, lie on the ground and see countless stars.

Do not forget to take safety measures because the night not only gives adventure but also danger. You can also have a lovely sunrise scenery waking you up.

3. Visiting a new unseen place within the city:

If you are not feeling to go out of the station, then plan a simple outing within the city or town you live. There will always be a new place to explore within the city. Visit a new place whether it can be a new shop, new pub, new garden, restaurant etc but the place should be your first visit. Explore it and tag or post the details of it or give your feedback about the place on any social media site you like. Let the world know that you are a discoverer of your own city.

4. Open air theatre or drive-in theatre:

Open air theatre or drive-in theatre is an innovative and recreation outings. If you do not want to stick in a normal movie theatre or plays, then plan a visit to an open-air theatre with your family or friends. Enjoy the movie or play, with snacks and plenty of space, fresh breath in open-air.  It is like watching a movie in your backyard on a big screen and on soft cushions.

Drive-in theatre is totally different with a technological advancement. You can try it as it can give a different movie experience.

5. Volunteering:

Volunteering, Yes what you have heard is right. This activity requires good heart and a helping hand. What is life if there is no service for society. It may be small or big but everybody should do some good service to other living beings. Choosing to volunteer for any organisation or cause on a weekend not only makes us happy but gives some peace to our soul and mind that we did some good today. Individual volunteering is good but group volunteering adds some more good and some more helping hands. Choose your interest, it may be for a religious organisation, environmental issues, conserving our flora and fauna, any social cause like childhood improvement or women empowerment etc. There are so many lives which require our help and support. Do not forget we also require helping hand in our lives. At the end of the day, we can feel pure happiness and satisfaction.

6. Shopping accompanied with Lunch:

Plan shopping with your gang and after that a hearty lunch or dinner adds to your enjoyment. Choose your favourite mall and go shopping with your buddies, empty your pockets as per your requirement and after that have a stomachful lunch in your favourite restaurant and spend the day with gossips and discussions. Friendship begins with conversations and deepens by revealing of secrets.

7. An adventurous Trip:

If you are an adventurer and your gang shares your interests, plan a two day adventurous trip on your weekend. The trip can be to a nearby forest, mountain or hillside for trekking or go to any amusement parks which provides many breathtaking rides, waves surfing etc. The trip should be adventurous and the definition of adventure can be according to your interests. What is life if there is no minimum risk in it? Do not forget to take safety precautions because remember even a brave knight requires a shining armour and a sword in his hands for his safety. Safety and security are very important to be alive to an adventurous spirit.

8. A long ride to see beautiful Sunrise or Sunset:

I feel that one of the pleasures of life is to enjoy the sight of natural wonders. Mother nature is a wonderful creator and an architect. Think when was the last time you saw a beautiful Sunrise or Sunset from your window or balcony in this busy schedule of life?

Plan a long ride with your friends or family to see Sunrise or Sunset or any natural scenery nearby your city. Do your homework on the places or viewpoints from which you can have a spectacular view of Sun or ocean or waterfall etc. Prepare some snacks, hot coffee or breakfast so that it adds to your enjoyment. Take some beautiful photos or videos of those lovely moments.

9. Booking a resort for group reservation:

If you do not have time to plan anything or if you feel lazy and wants someone to plan your weekend, then a resort service is at your doorstep. Nowadays resort culture is expanding and improving in the entertainment and leisure field. Depending on your family or group finances, book a resort of your choice and pack your luggage and visit any resort. The remaining things they will take care. We have resorts with many themes and you can enjoy one or two days fully with the amenities and pools provided in the resorts. It can be a new recreation.

10. A Simple Pub can help :

Today Pub culture is expanding like a wildfire. Youth are very interested in this western culture. Select a good Pub and gather your gang and enjoy the night. Gossips with cocktails, boozing within limits and dancing to DJ music, party appetizers, disco lights, glittering attires and full enjoyment is the mantra of pubbing. Enjoy the positive effects of pubbing but not which are harmful to your health. Remember that the night is still young.

These are my Ten-weekend outing ideas. Hope you folks like them. Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful time!
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