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Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Here Hook To Resolve Clutter

A Here Hook To Resolve ClutterDo you find you are always telling your kids pick up your room? I know that when my girls were younger, this seemed to be something that was repeated almost on a daily basis. They would come home from school and as soon as they walked into their bedroom, there it all would fall.

Backpacks, books, phones (well maybe not the phone, this item would practically be stuck in their palms) and shoes everywhere. I would stand in the doorway and sigh. My imagination in those years was not all that focused.

Decorating was not high on my priority list. But I wish I would have included it in our lives; maybe it would have been therapeutic for all of us to come up with fun ideas to help with the clutter.

I came across this nifty coat hook and I thought, wouldnt that be so cool in a teenagers room? An arrow that seemed to be calling, here, hang that here! and the colors to paint this could fit any room. We all have our favorite colors and they seem to speak to our emotions.

Not only would this be a creative way to help with the chaos, it would definitely be a conversation piece when visitors came over.

My grandsons have posters in their rooms and when you walk in, you get a pretty good picture of their personality. I was thinking that perhaps a special poster behind this arrow could look really trendy.

What about a hand painted picture on the wall that compliments who they are. Like a tree with pink and yellow leaves or a guitar painted on a whole wall or even their name written like graffiti and this arrow pointing to who lives in this room.

This here hook is my obsession today, maybe I really want spring to hurry up and get here. Spring seems to be the season to clean things up, organize, paint, oh yes, and mow the lawn! What would this be called, oh yeah, spring fever. :)

Ok, one last thought for the day, imagine this coat hook right next to your back door and you could hang the dog leash on it after a walk around the neighborhood or even put up a sign that says back door.

Life is too short to be ordinary and I hope I have inspired your creativity, maybe this weekend you will paint that room that you have been putting off all winter long.

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